This series of drawings was done using an axe dipped in ink, working intuitively in response to music and the marks, as they develop. 

I'm interested in drawing as an embodied practice - the idea of being in conversation with the paper, the axe, the ink, the music and the memory, feeling expereince in that moment of its making. The drawings are an improvisation. they are a response and a translation. The ebb and flow of what we receive and what we return in our meetings with an animate world.

The forms and ‘language' of landscape come instinctively in the balance between the marks and the spaces.

I've always been interested in the space between things and that space as meaning or the place where meaning is made. The space between words, how the unspoken, the unseen is felt, the spaces created in the translation from one thing to another.

‘The landscape as I directly experience it is hardly a determinate object; it is an ambiguous realm that responds to my emotions and calls forth feelings from me in turn.’
‘The Spell of the Sensuous’ David Abram

I've been using an axe in my work for a while now - I like the primacy and energy of it - what it stands for as a tool, its history and physicality, its connection to landscpae and wood. I'm interested in the shift of context for its use and in using it to create calligraphic, delicate and expressive marks.