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All images and words © Jenny Arran 2020


I’m interested in the vibrancy of matter - that draws us in to relationship with objects as it does to people.

Some of these pieces were for a show at Glynde called 'Matter'. I was really drawn to the abandoned, discarded nature of things in the Chalkpit at Glynde where the show was held - the broken places and the attempt to make meaning out of where we find ourselves. 

I’ve always treated my work like a conversation, a call and response -  between myself and the wood I am painting, the tool in my hand, or my body and the object I am changing, moving or shaping. It’s a responsive, embodied, listening and metaphoric process.



The work is about process, the shift between two states  – stillness and movement.


The Wild Clematis was dead and looping like drawings, in the trees at the edge of the Chalkpit.  

Wrapping it with paper ribbon emphasised the nature of it as a three dimensional drawing. 


The burnt wooden boulder was in the wreckage of burnt rubbish and rusted wire, I was looking for a wordless encounter to understanding something of grief and longing, it was about the relationship with the object and the process and labour of pushing and rolling it out from the Quarry.


The 'flock'  - the painted wooden blocks - were like 3D elements of a painting - an interactive piece designed to be 'played with' and reconfigured. 


'Kin' was a series of small clay sculptures on an Oak 'raft' - about belonging and ancestors, inspired by stones, henges, hand axes, anthropomorphic figures, clans people, displaced migrants... 


The poems to go with these pieces can be read here - all of the work is entangled and each part informs the other.
The short exhibition statement 'Matter' can be read here.