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All images and words © Jenny Arran 2019

Oil on wood

I paint intuitively and responsively in relation to the piece of wood I am working on. Things are called forth in the process; sensory responses, interactions with place, matter, light & memory. I like the immediacy of connection between the wood and the paint. My paintings are small - for the intimacy of scale - and designed to sit on a shelf - object-like.


The forms and shapes of the landscape come instinctively. I grew up in a wild, beautiful landscape and the forms and energy of that landscape are deeply imprinted. Landscape as Kith and Kin - as language. In Welsh the word 'Hiraeth' captures something of that sense of kinship, connection and longing. A ongoing relationship with the landscape around me is part of my practice - walking, being & listening in and to the landscape.



"We experience the sensuous world only by rendering ourselves vulnerable to that world. Sensory perception is this ongoing interweavement: the terrain enters into us only to the extent that we allow ourselves to be taken up within that terrain.......

David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous

Original artworks are for sale and prints available. Please email me if you'd like to know more info@jennyarran.co.uk