I have a love of maps and stories, of wildness and wilderness, of setting out and returning, of history and time. My paintings are like visual accounts of forays into unknown and familiar waters. They are the journey and the place arrived at or glimpsed on the way - the treasure collected and brought home. An exploration of how to translate the world and myself in relation to it. Landscape becomes a state of mind as much as a physical entity.  


In my childhood we moved from city to wildness, it was freedom and escape. I loved it, intensely. Topophilia is love of place, I'm interested in how the forms and archetypes of the landscapes we grow up in, remember or connect to influence us. How they unconsciously find expression and become the patterns we look for and the framework to explain our experience and ourselves.


I work directly onto small rough wood panels.

The forms come often from visual memory, a 'perceptual landscape' – colourful, spontaneous, subjective and intuitive. The wood sometimes informs the way I paint - it's relational.


I like the intimacy of scale. the old tradition of panel painting, the idea and colour palette of the 14th century devotional portable image, except my devotion is always to a sense of connection to that other place, to that wildness and the freedom to undertake the journey there.
























Older paintings








PVC tape paintings


















Installation & Video

Recent Paintings


Earlier insulation tape works were concerned with perception of light, pattern and disorder - with the spaces between things as much as the things themselves. Installations explored themes of remembered, imagined and virtual landscape.