I'm interested in the concept of landscape as a state of mind, as much as a physical entity. In ideas of perception and memory, and our subjective and sensory processing. The shifting dynamic of what we feel creating what we see. What we see appearing to reflect what we feel


I grew up near mountains, mountains, rocks and trees. These are the forms I return to. Topophilia is the love of place. I'm interested in how we might be neurologically imprinted by the landscapes we grow up in, how they might become an emotional repository or serve as an expression of that.
















Recent paintings are concerned with visual memory and with a more visceral sense of this 'perceptual landscape' - spontaneous, subjective and intuitive. I work directly onto small but thick Oak panels - the wood influences the paint, the paintings become objects.


Earlier insulation tape works were concerned with perception of light, pattern and disorder - with the spaces between things as much as the things themselves. Installations explored themes of remembered, imagined and virtual landscape.




"The human mind is not some otherworldly essence that comes to house itself inside our physiology. Rather it is instilled and provoked by the sensorial field itself, induced by the tensions and participations between the human body and the animate earth. The invisible shapes of smells, rhythms of cricketsong, and the movement of shadows all, in a sense, provide the subtle body of our thoughts. Our own reflections, we might say, are a part of the play of light and its reflections.


The Spell of the Sensuous - David Abram