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Artist in Residence & Creative Workshops

As Artist in Residence at the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne I ran gallery based workshops and courses in response to their collection and exhibitions programme. Working with and making selections from the collection for projects such as DrawMeIn and a research project about how the therapeutic potential of work in the collection might be accessed.

Scroll down the page to see examples of a few projects.


DrawMeIn is Towner's annual school exhibition - exploring different ways to understand what drawing is and what it can do. Workshops encourage a broad approach to the interpretation of what constitutes drawing and an experimental, playful and process led approach. For the launch event  I wallpapered the huge lift with paper, played music and invited people travelling in the lift to make expressive experimental marks on their lift journey (and longer) using natural materials.
"This is the best lift I have ever been in..."

Ravilious & Co: The Pattern of Friendship. English Artist Designers 1922 – 1942

Workshops with Primary Schools in response to the exhibition, looking at shape pattern, collaboration and creative choices through; woodblock printmaking, creative writing, blackout poetry, sketch book work, collaborative drawing games, and fun sensory exercises.

A Certain Kind of Light

Workshop to create a large scale outdoor sculpture in response to the exhibition. Using over 300 plastic bottles taking inspiration from David Batchelor's piece and Cerith Wyn Evans' Chandelier. The piece was created with West Rise junior school and hung in the trees at Elderflower fields Festival as part of the Sculpture Trail.

A Green & Pleasant Land

Working with Recovery college. I ran three 6 week projects on Drawing, painting and printmaking focusing on mental health and recovery. Students created work in response to the exhibition and we worked on creating an environment that allowed creative expression, exploration, using fun, relaxing, sensory exercises and simple techniques, relating to improved wellbeing as well as creative skills and development.

The Art of Attachment

I ran six weekly workshops for the Towner Gallery in connection with The Art of Attachment - an arts based project led by local substance misuse charity, Brighton Oasis Project. 
We looked at connecting to the individual creative process and the benefits of that as a way to express difficult emotions, to give an alternative to 'talking’ and also to relax and be playful.

Through poetry, printmaking, painting and drawing, sessions explored creative choice making, relationships between image and text, sensory connection and memory.

"Wonderful experience 

connecting with our inner child, our 

creativity and being involved with such 

positive outcome! It is a pleasure and a 

blessing to be part of this group."

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