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The Space Between -

drum beats, silence and drawing

Ink on paper - drumming experiment using an axe

I've been thinking about the spaces between drum beats - the silence as much as the sound.

How to make work about or in that space. Reading about the 'Inner drummer' a kind of Tai chi / embodied approach to rhythm and sound. Trying to drum using an axe - trying to record the mark of the beats, but really interested in the spaces and the space as silence. In my axe drawings the space is as important as the marks.

My early work was all trees - light and dark - the spaces between branches the sky beyond in little branched off segments. The thresholds of our perception and the boundaries where one thing ends and another begins. The space between as meaning. The space between as reciprocal, relational.

I've been thinkng about Language and the gap between what is said and what is meant -

reading between the lines. The limits of language and how we have to reach beyond it or approach it through different forms to find new meaning or understanding. Using the body, process, creative languages, poetry.

Silence being relational.

John Cage’s ideas about art as a form of constructive anarchy,

and silence as a counterpoint to mutual reactivity —

something that helps us enlarge rather than contract each other’s goodness...

— the application of silence as a creative force

and how powerful that is.

Silence creates space.

I went to see Rebecca Solnit - talking about breaking silence

and have been thinking about the balance between the two.

of male and female respect, of holding boundaries,

speaking our truth. Not hiding, trusting the other. Hope in the Dark.

Also feeling the power of holding silence in our noisy, online, information overloaded world.

Silence as discipline.

#silence #drumming #johncage #rebeccasolnit


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